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  • Enoclub Restaurant
  • Enoclub Restaurant

about us

The Enoclub is recognized by its habitués from all over the world as the touchstone traditional-style restaurant for enjoying and appreciating the special flavours and ingredients of the local cuisine.

During almost 20 years in business, the experience of the tight-knit équipe has created undisputed parameters of quality that are synonymous with the pleasure of taste and a guarantee of premium quality food and wine.

Brigade de cuisine
Marco Serra – Chef
Takayo Ono – Sous Chef

Brigade de salle
Luca Boffa (Maître de salle)

Piazza Savona, 4 - Alba (Cn)
P.iva 02464430046

Phone: +39 0173 33994 | Fax: +39.0173.220629

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